1. New Router now in main repository

In order to get the rewrite of the new router done quickly, the Angular team went kind of in stealth-mode and developed it in angular/vladivostok. With the release of RC3, the router has now been moved to the main repository, which means development will be continued there. You can find the source here.

2. Data and Resolve landing in new Router

Something we’ve been waiting for! The router has its resolve and data functionality back!Here’s what it looks like:

export const MyRoutes = [
    path: '',
    component: NeedsResolveCmp,
    resolve: {
      thing: 'some-token'
    data: {
      foo: 'bar'

// in our provider config

bootstrap(MyApp, [
  { provide: 'some-token', useValue: 'thing' }

// in the loaded component
class NeedsResolveCmp {

  constructor(route: ActivatedRoute) {
    route.snapshot.data.thing // 'thing'
    route.snapshot.data.foo // 'bar'

3. PLATFORM_PIPES and PLATFORM_DIRECTIVES tokens are gone soon

Angular uses two tokens, PLATFORM_PIPES and PLATFORM_DIRECTIVES, to register multi providers for core pipes and directives like *ngIf and *ngFor*. These tokens will be gone soon as discussed here, so if you happen to use them for your own pipes and directives, you might want to change your code now.

4. Tour of Heroes now uses new Router

The Tour Of Heroes tutorial on angular.io has been updated to use the new router! Go and read it!

5. Devguide has been updated with new Form APIs

There has been many many improvements in the Forms APIs in the RC3 release and the official docs now reflect those changes. You can read them right here.

thoughtram also has two articles on template-driven forms and model-driven forms with practical examples.