1. ngUpgrade supports functions for template(Url)

ngUpgrade now supports upgrading directives where template or templateUrl is defined as a function, thanks to @robwormald.

2. DatePipe gets numeric string support

Angular 2’s DatePipe gets support for numeric strings. DatePipe could not parse string values that represent actual numbers. This gets finally fixed once this PR gets merged.

3. ngSwitchWhen is now ngSwitchCase

In a previous issue we featured a refactor proposal that ngSwitchWhen is going to be renamed to ngSwitchCase to align with the EcmaScript standard. This is now merged and probably going to be released with RC 2.

4. QueryList becomes a ReplaySubject

This is a nice change which will cause @ViewChildren/@ViewChild and @ContentChildren/@ContentChild to emit their values immediately.

5. Tons of new docs in the making

As always, the documentation authoring team is working very hard on creating new content. Here’s a list of what’s in the making:

In addition, there’s an effort to make all running example on angular.io accessible. You can view the progress here.