1. Http features

In order to implement authorization mechanisms in Angular 2, @angular/http finally implements withCredentials, so credential cookies can be sent to the server. This landed in master and is prolly gonna be part of RC2.

In addition, Http now sets the request Content-type header automatically based on the body type.

Thanks to @templth for implementing both features!

2. Custom Interpolation Syntax

Another big feature that has been implemented recently is the ability to change the interpolation syntax used in Angular 2 components. So instead of using ``, we can easily change those to << >> using this simple provider configuration:

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { CompilerConfig } from '@angular/compiler';

  template: 'Hello &lt;&lt;name&gt;&gt;'
  providers: [
      provide: CompilerConfig,
      useFactory: () => {
        return new CompilerConfig(false, false, true, /<<([\s\S]*?)>>/g);
      deps: []

There are discussions on taking it even further so it work with i18n too. Thanks to (@laco0416)[http://github.com/laco0416] for making this a thing!

3. New documentation on animations

The one and only @teropa spent some time with the animation APIs in Angular 2 (which recently landed) to write some top-noth documentation on it. You can check them out right here;

4. Automatic XSRF handling

Martin Probst is working on bringing security features to Angular 2. One of the latest implementations is automatic XRSF handling, which is a security feature know and love in Angular 1.

By default, Angular will look for a cookie called 'XSRF-TOKEN' and set an HTTP request header called 'X-XSRF-TOKEN' with the value of the cookie on each request.

We can easily override that cookie name tho, if we want:

import { bootstrap } from '@angular/platform-browser/browser';
import { HTTP_PROVIDERS, XSRFHandler, CookieXSRFHandler } from '@angular/http';

    provide: XSRFHandler,
    useValue: new CookieXSRFHandler('MY-XSRF-COOKIE-NAME', 'MY-XSRF-HEADER-NAME')

5. i18n - Support implicit tags/attributes

There’s been a lot of work going on lately in the i18n world. Victor Berchet added support for implicit i18n tags and attributes. If you want to learn more about the i18n plans in Angular 2, you might want to read this article.