1. Alternative Router implementation

Victor Savkin works on an alternative router implementation to try out different, easier APIs . This should also simplify the routing module.

2. Location service has been moved into platform/common

Location provides APIs to access information about the current browser location. This service is actually platform agnostic as it can be used in native mobile apps, not just the browser. So far, this service was part of the router module. However, since there are cases where we need access to this information, even though there may be no router in that application, this service has been moved to platform/common. Thank you Nathan Walker for making this a thing!

3. Angular Material 2 Alpha 3 has been released!

The Angular Material 2 team released a new alpha version with fixes on input controls, buttons, sidenav and more! In addition, some new features landed like, a new progress bar, gestures and a11y features.

The full changelog can be read here.

Congrats, team!

4. Angular CLI now supports inlined templates and styles

When creating components using Angular CLI, it automatically creates a component file, a spec file as well as a template file and a CSS file for styles. Thanks to Mike Brocchi we now have an option to tell Angular CLI to make these things inline on creation like this:

$ ng generate my-component --inline-style --inline-template

Or, if you prefer the shorthand version:

$ ng g c my-component -is -it

5. Router cookbook

Mr. Brandon Roberts is working on a new cookbook on routing in Angular 2, covering typical, as well as advanced use cases.