1. New NgTemplateOutlet directive

A new directive NgTemplateOutlet is currently in the making to enable creating embedded views from a template. Here’s the idea:

  selector: [myDir],
  template: '<template [ngTemplateOutlet]="currentTplRef"></template>',
  directives: [NgTemplateOutlet]
class MyDir {

  currentTplRef: TemplateRef;

  constructor(private currentTplRef: TemplateRef) {}
<div *myDir>
  This is going to be inserted into myDir.

<!-- or alternatively -->

<template myDir>
  <div>This is going to be inserted into myDir.</div>

2. NgSwitchWhen will be renamed to NgSwitchCase

To stay consistent with JavaScript, ngSwitchWhen will be renamed to ngSwitchCase. This aligns more with JavaScript’s switch statement.

The following code:

<X [ngSwitch]="...">
  <Y *ngSwitchWhen="..."></Y>
  <Y *ngSwitchWhen="..."></Y>
  <Y *ngSwitchWhen="..."></Y>
  <Z *ngSwitchDefault></Z>

Will become:

<X [ngSwitch]="...">
  <Y *ngSwitchCase="..."></Y>
  <Y *ngSwitchCase="..."></Y>
  <Y *ngSwitchCase="..."></Y>
  <Z *ngSwitchDefault></Z>

3. Support for custom i18n placeholders

At thoughtram we’ve written about the new i18n support that’ll land in Angular a long while ago. There’s a lot of stuff happening the last couple of weeks and the newest addition is support for custom i18n placeholders in Angular templates.

4. First version of Angular 2 Styleguide landed in the docs

Yeap, that’s right. There’s a first official Angular 2 style guide comming right at you! At the time of writing this issue, this was not deployed yet, but you can read it right here.

5. Cookbook on setting DOM titles in Angular 2

A new cookbook on how to set and manipulate a document’s title is in the making.