Not even two days ago we announced and launched 5thingsAngular to gather interest in the community and evaluate if this is a project people are actually interested in. We’re overwhelmed by the positive feedback we’ve got on several social platforms like Twitter and Google+. At the time of writing this post, we already had 429 followers on Twitter and 301 email subscribers, without really doing anything!

Next steps

Obviously, there is enough interest in the community to keep this project running, even though, we haven’t really started yet. That’s why we’d like to hereby announce that the very first 5thingsAngular issue will be published on Monday, April 11th!

We already have some very cool picks in the pipe and can’t wait to share them with you. In the meantime, we’re working together with Maxim Salnikov on an actual logo for 5thingsAngular. To give you an idea in which direction we’re heading, here are the initial scribbles:

Picture of logo scribbles written with a pencil in a notebook

As you can see, things are coming together! Once we’ve settled on a logo and colors, we probably give the website a little update as well. But for now, let’s all get ready for the first issue on 5thingsAngular :)