If you’re following the development of Angular 2 at least a little bit, you’ve probably noticed that things are moving very fast. This, of course, is due to the fact that Angular 2 is in beta and if there’s one thing moving super fast, it’s Software. Angular 1 is also rapidly evolving and it seems almost impossible to keep track of all the things that are happening in both, the development but also in the community of Angular.

You might have also heard about the thoughtram blog or maybe even read one or two articles over there. At thoughtram, we write about Angular 2 almost every second week to share the latest knowledge we gained. However, we want to provide a channel where you can get updates on the latest and greatest even faster. This is where 5thingsAngular comes into play.

Short and to the point

The idea behind 5thingsAngular is to provide you weekly updates about Angular. We’ll be publishing updates on 5 things about the latest development, things that are happening in the community, but also updates to the official documentation of Angular.

There’ll be no long in-depth articles, you need to head over to thoughtram’s blog for that. It’s all about the 5 things we think are the most important ones you need to know, if you want to follow what’s going on in Angular-Land. Short descriptions, links to repositories, commits, pull requests and documentation. Just the stuff you need.

This is an experiment

As you can see, there’s no fancy design, no facebook page, no custom domain, not even a logo! We do have some ideas regarding design and everything, but before we put too much effort into this project, we first want to find out if people are actually interested in this. The more people subscribe, the more energy we’ll put into this!

In fact you can start right away. Go to the start page and subscribe to our weekly newsletter, or follow @5thingsAngular on Twitter.

The first issue with updates will be published very soon!